General Questions

What Is CapitalPlus Credit?

CapitalPlus Credit is one of the most innovative short term loan products available in Lagos, Nigeria and hoping to extend to other states of the country. CapitalPlus Credit provides support and helping hand, in case of financial emergency. The process is fast, convenient and simple. The application process is straightforward and if approved the money can be sent within 24hours depending on the loan product applied for.

Is CapitalPlus Credit Right For Me?

CapitalPlus Credit provides a quick solution for your emergency short term cash requirements. One of our Payday loan products is tailored to meet your cash requirement to pay for an unexpected bill or cope with an expense you may not have anticipated before your salary pay day. We also have short term loan facilities for business owners.

What Can CapitalPlus Credit Be Used For?

The Credit request can be for salary advance, used to pay your house or business, rent, school fees for your children, etc.

Finance Questions

How Much Can I Borrow?

New customers can apply for a CapitalPlus advance between N50,000 and N2million. We will access the monthly repayment. If we consider the requested amount to be too high we will make an appropriate offer, we will not give beyond 30% of your monthly salary.

What Do I Need To Be Eligible For CapitalPlus Credit?

To be eligible for a Capitalplus loan, you must, amongst others:

  • You must be above 18 years
  • Employed with an approved Organisation or a Business Owner
  • Resident of Nigeria and located in Lagos ( Only Lagos residents for now)
  • You must have a bank account

How Long Does It Take To Get The Money?

It takes 24hours to access the loan

Once your application has been approved, funds are transmitted within minutes 24/7 depending on the Loan product.

Do I Need To Fill In An Application Every Time I Need A CapitalPlus Loan?

As an existing CapitalPlus Credit customer you don´t have to fill a new form every time you need a quick loan but we do ask you to verify information previously supplied and you are required to notify us of any changes. We will then assess your ability to afford the credit based on your income.

Do I Have To Repay This Short Term Loan Monthly?

You should always repay in full your repayment monthly on the agreed repayment date as shown on your credit offer.

How Do I Repay My CapitalPlus Credit?

We take payment from your bank account on the agreed date by either direct debit or by using your cheques supplied to us during the application process. We will attempt to remind you at least three days before your loan repayment due date.

Do I Have To Send In Documents?

Yes, if you are applying for the first time we may require supporting documents in order to proceed with the application.

Will I Be Able To Borrow Again?

Yes, if you are able to keep a good repayment record with us.

What If I Have A Complaint?

At CapitalPlus, we do everything we can to make sure you get the best possible service from our CapitalPlus Credit products. However, if you’re not completely happy with our service, we need to hear about it – that way, we can do something to put it right.

Complaints Handling Procedure

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service you have received from CapitalPlus we would like you to tell us your concerns.

You can contact us in any way that is convenient to you including by e-mail or by telephone as follows: or call: 08144090409

Upon receipt of your complaint we will do our best to resolve your complaint by the end of the next business day.