Convenient Personal
& Micro-Business Loans

Maximum loan amount

(One) Guarantor for a Loans with maximum

₦50,000 - ₦10,000,000

How it Works

Complete our online application form

Upload your Document and bank statement

Receive money within 24hours, if approved

Quick Loan

Target market – Employees or individuals
requiring urgent financial assistance

Salary Loan

Salary earners in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria
requiring Loans to meet emergency needs.
Get a Quick Cash Loan from N100,000 to N2million

SME Loan

SME Loan which give opportunity for
businesses to apply between 500k to 10million

Business/ LPO/ Contract Finance

Business/ LPO/ Contract Finance is a platform for clients with bigger demand from 10M and above

New customers can apply for a CapitalPlus advance between N50,000 and N2million.
We will access the monthly repayment. If we consider the requested amount to be too high we will make an appropriate offer, we will not give beyond 30% of your monthly salary.